About Me

Hello! I’m Rich, a web developer from New Jersey. I primarily develop web applications for mobile and desktop devices using such frameworks as Cordova, Titanium, jQuery, and Twitter Bootstrap. I have extensive server-side knowledge in Node.js, PHP, as well as SQL and No-SQL databases such as MongoDB. I'm always on the lookout for new technology and finding ways to join disparate technologies together.


My professional career started in the early 2000s where I initially worked in support roles for computers and electronics. I then worked many freelance web development jobs of various sizes for several years. Next, I worked for a small web development shop which had some large enterprise clients as well as many small businesses. Setting my sights higher, I began working in ADP's Innovation Lab to support their highly successful mobile product and was the lead developer for their new tablet product.


When not working the daily grind, you can find me running several personal websites including myGMRS.com, a popular two-way radio directory and community website.

In addition to programming, I enjoy working with electronics including microcontrollers such as Arduino and microcomputers such as the Raspberry Pi.

Another key hobby of mine is two-way radio. I have been a General Mobile Radio Service licensee since February 2006 and an Amateur Radio Operator since October 2007, currently holding a General class license. I have also organized a two-way radio group which builds and maintains repeaters in the New Jersey area, called the Central Jersey Radio Group.