Connect Router to XFINITY WiFi


For the Comcast customers out there who have access to an xfinitywifi hotspot near your home or office, or maybe in your home, I have great news for you. If you're like me, you may have tried to connect an old router or travel router to XFINITY's hotspot to repeat the weak signal indoors and been sorely let down. The router shows it's connected but has no Internet access.

For the ultra-savvy, you'll realize that this means while the router has connected properly to the network, the captive portal redirect is not occurring that takes you to the XFINITY WiFi login page when you try to go to a public website. Without authenticating with XFINITY, they won't let you go any further, but you aren't being taken to the right place to do so. Furthermore, even if you know the URL to their captive portal, you may still not be able to get it to load.

The fix is painfully simple: be sure one of the DNS servers on your router is set to, which is one of Comcast's DNS servers. The DHCP server in your router needs to hand this DNS server down to the clients (mobile devices, PCs, etc.) for them to be properly intercepted by XFINITY.

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