[FIX] Samsung Galaxy S8 DQA Keeps Stopping

Samsung Galaxy S8

If you are one of the many people affected by a WiFi bug in Samsung's first update for the Galaxy S8 or S8+, you're in luck. A few workarounds have been found which stop the popup from appearing until an official update from Samsung is released to address the issue.

The affected software version, at least on Verizon phones, is NRD90M.G950USQU1AQD9. It was released right around the same time as the phone launched so many people are eagerly taking the update for some of the good fixes it contains. However, a nasty bug is plaguing many people after updating.

It seems that a Samsung software package called DQA (com.samsung.android.dqaagent) is crashing in the background repeatedly when WiFi is enabled. A popup appears stating "DQA keeps stopping" and the only option is to click OK to the message. A few seconds later, another popup. And another.

Workaround #1

The simplest workaround is to disable WiFi. Apparently, the package is designed to monitor the quality of your WiFi connection, so it is only active while WiFi is enabled. This fix works, but with the obvious downside that you will be using your mobile data. This may not be a great option, and is a problem if you need data and have no mobile coverage. It worked for me but I wanted to get WiFi back as soon as possible.

Workaround #2

Some people have been advised from Samsung that a temporary workaround is to go into Settings and change the battery setting to "mid". This should suppress the warning while the phone remains in this mode. I have not tested this method as workarounds #1 and #3 have worked for me.

Workaround 3

Use a package disabler to disable the system package DQA (com.samsung.android.dqaagent). It is generally not a good idea to disable system packages as it may affect phone stability, but this particular package can be safely disabled. Plus, we're trying to fix a stability issue so a small amount of risk here is justified. I can attest that this solution has been working for me for several days without issue, but I did have to buy an app for $1.50 to disable the package. Several options are available but the one I used was BK Package Disabler. I have no affiliation with the publisher, this just happened to be the one that worked for me.

Workaround 4

Some people have said that doing a factory reset fixed the issue for them. This will reinstall Android and you will lose any data on the phone. For this reason, I wanted to avoid this at all costs, even though the phone is new. I had already spent a lot of time setting it up and didn't want to start over from scratch.

Hopefully, this will be patched by Samsung as soon as possible. It seems to be quite widespread, but I'm hoping that means it will get immediate attention.

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