WRGMG: Surveys on Receipts

In this episode of "What Really Grinds My Gears," I want to expose the infiltration of survey offers on receipts. While this is nothing new by any stretch, it seems that it has reached fever pace at least in my humble state of New Jersey.

It seems that I can't go to any establishment without walking away with a receipt offering to enter me into a drawing for some prize if I fill out a survey by phone or Internet. Listening to your customers is great business and I respect that, but my biggest gripe is the fact that more often than not the size of the receipt has doubled because of this offer being printed. Now I'm handed back a receipt the likes of which resemble a grocery store receipt -- 12 inches long or better.

Gas Station Receipt

Whatever happened to reducing the amount of natural resources we consume? Paper production is one of the worst pollution mechanisms we have today and the advancing logging industry is clearing more land than it can restore. What about the rainforests??

As a child these mantras were beaten into my skull and yet in an age of everyone claiming to be green we see businesses go wild with their resource consumption. Keep in mind that this argument completely leaves out the question of rising costs for the business which would inevitably be passed down to the consumers. Sorry {insert company name here}, I don't want to pay extra for my order next month because you're forced to buy double the amount of receipt paper.

Is this an unrealistic gripe? Too much of a stretch? Maybe. But keep things like this is mind next time you're asked to pay $0.50 extra for some Sweet and Sour sauce for your chicken nuggets at your local establishment. You're paying for it one way or another.

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